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10 Appointments in National Defence Academy | Ranks in NDA


The National Defence Academy (NDA) is one of the most prestigious institutions in India, grooming young individuals to become future leaders in the armed forces. Aspirants who aim to join the NDA should familiarize themselves with the various appointments and ranks within the academy. In this article, we will explore the ten significant appointments in the NDA, shedding light on the responsibilities and roles associated with each position.

  1. Cadet Sergeant Major (CSM):

The Cadet Sergeant Major holds a senior leadership position in the NDA. As the highest-ranking cadet, the CSM is responsible for maintaining discipline, supervising parades, and assisting the Academy Cadet Captain in overall administration.

  1. Battalion Cadet Adjutant (BCA):

The Battalion Cadet Adjutant acts as the principal staff officer responsible for coordinating the administrative and training activities of the cadets. The BCA assists the Academy Cadet Captain and ensures the smooth functioning of the battalion.

  1. Academy Cadet Captain (ACC):

The Academy Cadet Captain is the overall in-charge of the academy’s administrative affairs. This position requires exceptional leadership skills, as the ACC oversees the discipline, welfare, and training of all cadets.

  1. Battalion Cadet Captain (BCC):

The Battalion Cadet Captain leads a battalion of cadets and is responsible for their training, discipline, and overall development. The BCC plays a crucial role in shaping the future leaders of the armed forces.

  1. Squadron Cadet Captain (SCC):

The Squadron Cadet Captain leads a squadron, which comprises several flights of cadets. This position involves supervising training activities, maintaining discipline, and fostering a sense of camaraderie within the squadron.

7. Flight Cadet Captain (FCC):

The Flight Cadet Captain commands a flight of cadets within a squadron. They are responsible for ensuring the smooth conduct of training activities, maintaining discipline, and providing guidance to their subordinates.

8. Platoon Cadet Captain (PCC):

The Platoon Cadet Captain leads a platoon, which consists of a smaller group of cadets. They play a crucial role in training, mentoring, and instilling discipline within their platoon.

9. Company Sergeant Major (CSM):

The Company Sergeant Major acts as the senior-most non-commissioned officer within a company. They assist the officers in maintaining discipline, coordinating training activities, and providing guidance to the cadets.

10. Section Commander:

Section Commanders are responsible for leading a section of cadets during training exercises. They ensure the effective execution of drills, maintain discipline, and assist in the overall training process.

11. Squad Leader:

The Squad Leader is entrusted with leading a squad of cadets. They play a crucial role in training and guiding their squad members, fostering teamwork, and upholding discipline.


Understanding the various appointments and ranks within the National Defence Academy (NDA) provides aspiring candidates with valuable insights into the hierarchy and responsibilities associated with each position. The NDA instils discipline, leadership qualities, and a sense of responsibility in its cadets, preparing them to serve the nation with honour and distinction. 

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