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Jammu Defence Academy (JDA) is an exceptional institution that provides specialized training to young boys and girls to prepare them physically, academically, and mentally for careers in the Defence Forces, Territorial Army, Paramilitary Forces, and State Police. JDA offers comprehensive coaching programs that equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become Officers, Sub Inspectors, Constables, and Soldiers. In addition to preparing students for their chosen careers, JDA also offers a range of other valuable services. They provide written coaching to young kids seeking admission to Sainik School, Military School, and RIMS. They offer complete personality development courses that help students shape their career path and adapt to society. They also provide written and spoken English communication skills to candidates to build their foundation, which will help them seek job opportunities in the future.

Youth Perspectives on Challenges Faced by Colonel R L Panhotra and Jammu Defence Academy, Bishnah


Criteria to join NDA & how to crack NDA exam by Col. Roop Lal Panhotra

Spoken English course with Jammu Defence Academy

Lt. Col. Rooplal Panhotra, the esteemed director of Jammu Defence Academy, recently visited a boys’ school to deliver a lecture on the Indian Army and its numerous benefits. During the lecture, Lt. Col. Panhotra shared his extensive knowledge and experience to educate the students about the Indian Army’s values, traditions, and expectations. He highlighted the various benefits that come with a career in the Army, including a sense of pride, discipline, and the opportunity to serve one’s country. His lecture not only informed the students about the Army but also inspired them to consider a career in the military. Lt. Col. Panhotra’s talk was engaging and informative, leaving a lasting impression on the students and teachers alike.

Lt. Col. Rooplal Panhotra, the director of Jammu Defence Academy, gave a lecture to the boys' school about the Indian Army and its benefits.

Ex servicemen meeting conducted by Col RL Panhotra at Jammu Defence Academy Bishnah on 30 April 23.​

Career Counselling and Psychometric Tests - Col. Roop Lal Panhotra, Director Jammu Defence Academy


On 13th December 2022, GBHSS Bishnah held a special assembly for its students to create awareness about the Manzilien Career Portal 2.0. Colonel Roop Lal Panhotra, a former student of the school, was the special guest and spoke about the importance of such platforms in helping students make informed career choices. He also shared his personal experiences and motivated the students to work hard and pursue their dreams. The assembly was an inspiring event and a reminder of the school’s commitment to providing holistic education to prepare students for a successful future.

Lt. Col. Rooplal Panhotra, the director of Jammu Defence Academy, recently gave a motivational lecture to students about the Indian Army.

During the lecture, he shared his personal experiences and talked about the benefits of joining the armed forces. He also motivated the students to work hard and pursue their dreams of serving the nation. The lecture was informative and inspiring, and the students gained valuable insights into the world of the Indian Army. Lt. Col. Rooplal Panhotra’s visit was a reminder of the academy’s commitment to providing holistic education and preparing students for a successful career in the armed forces.

How to get admission in Sainik school in India extensive knowledge by Col. Roop Lal Panhotra

Agniveer Soldier General Duty Exam Pattern Explained - Col. Roop Lal Panhotra, Jammu Defence Academy

Information about Agniveer test given by Col. Rooplal Panhotra, Director of Jammu Defence Academy

All The Best for Agniveer Aspirants From Jammu Defence Academy Bishnah

New Batches for spoken & Personality development course commencing from 1st May 2023 at JDA