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National Defence Academy: Exploring the Path to a Permanent Commission in the Indian Army

A career in the Indian Army is a noble and prestigious choice that offers a lifetime of service
and opportunities for personal and professional growth. One such avenue is a Permanent
Commission, which provides individuals with the opportunity to serve in the Army until
retirement. To achieve a Permanent Commission, aspiring candidates can pursue admission
to either the National Defence Academy (NDA) or the Indian Military Academy (IMA). In this
blog, we will delve into the details of these esteemed institutions and shed light on the path
towards a Permanent Commission in the Indian Army

The National Defence Academy (NDA):
For those aiming for a Permanent Commission, the NDA in Pune serves as a stepping stone
to a successful military career. Aspiring candidates can take the NDA entrance exam right
after completing class XI. To secure admission, one must clear the Union Public Service
Commission (UPSC) exam and undergo a rigorous 5-day Service Selection Board interview,
followed by medical examinations. Once selected, candidates spend three years in the NDA,
undergoing comprehensive training that significantly enhances their personal and
professional development. Apart from providing graduation degrees, the NDA boasts
top-notch infrastructure for professional training. The institution offers an extensive range of
extracurricular activities to nurture diverse interests and foster well-rounded personalities.
With 31 activities to choose from, cadets can explore pursuits like aero-modeling, golf,
gliding, sailing, wind surfing, astronomy, photography, and more. This holistic approach
ensures that cadets acquire not only military skills but also develop a wide range of talents
and passions.

Indian Military Academy (IMA):
Another renowned institution for aspiring Army officers is the Indian Military Academy in
Dehradun. The IMA serves as a cradle of leadership, offering several entry routes for
candidates. One common entry point is the Combined Defence Services (CDS)
Examination, which candidates can undertake during their final year of graduation. Those
who successfully clear the CDS exam proceed to the SSB interview and medical
examinations. Upon meeting the eligibility criteria and securing merit, candidates can directly
join the IMA as a Direct Entry.
Other entry options include the 10+2 Technical Entry Scheme (TES), where candidates can
apply after completing their 12th exams. The University Entry Scheme allows individuals in
their Pre-Final/Final Year of Engineering to apply for the Army. Additionally, those who have
completed their BE/B Tech in specified streams can also join the IMA through the Technical
Graduate Course. While the selection process varies for these entries, the training duration
at the IMA ranges from 1 ½ years for Direct Entry to five years for 10+2 TES, inclusive of
one year after commissioning. At the IMA, aspiring officers undergo comprehensive training
that equips them with the necessary skills to lead from the front. The academy focuses on
combat tactics, employing technology and modern tools to enhance tactical proficiency.
Additionally, the IMA provides excellent facilities for all-round development, including
opportunities for adventure sports such as river rafting, para jumping, rock climbing, trekking,
and mountaineering. This ensures that cadets not only become capable leaders but also
develop physical fitness, resilience, and a sense of adventure. Choosing a career in the
Indian Army through a Permanent Commission offers individuals the opportunity to serve
their nation with valor and wisdom. The National Defence Academy and the Indian Military
Academy serve as prestigious institutions that mold aspiring officers into capable leaders.
While the NDA emphasizes personal growth and a wide range of extracurricular activities,
the IMA focuses on combat training and all-round development. Regardless of the path
chosen, both institutions provide a solid foundation for a rewarding career in the Indian Army.
As future lieutenants, cadets graduate with a strong sense of responsibility, ready to live up
to the IMA motto of “Valour & Wisdom” as they step out into the world.
Embarking on the journey towards a Permanent Commission requires dedication,
perseverance, and a deep commitment to serving the nation. By choosing the NDA or the
IMA, aspiring officers lay the groundwork for a fulfilling and honorable career in the Indian
Army, defending their country with courage and integrity

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