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Spoken English & Personality Development 45 Days Summer Classes

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Jammu Defence Academy

At Jammu Defence Academy, we are excited to offer our exclusive Spoken English &
Personality Development 45 Days Summer Classes. With limited seats remaining, this is
your opportunity to enroll and enhance your communication skills and overall personality.
Our program encompasses various essential aspects to ensure comprehensive
development. Some of the salient features of our course include:

Spoken English Training: Our experienced faculty will guide you through practical exercises,
interactive sessions, and language drills to improve your spoken English skills. We focus on
enhancing your vocabulary, pronunciation, fluency, and grammatical accuracy.
Personality Development Sessions: Our dedicated team will conduct daily sessions on
personality development, helping you build confidence, improve body language, develop
effective communication skills, and nurture a positive attitude. These sessions are designed
to empower you to succeed in personal and professional settings.

Paragraph Writing Practice: We believe in strengthening your writing skills as well. You will
have ample opportunities to practice paragraph writing, enabling you to express your
thoughts coherently and eloquently. Our trainers will provide valuable feedback to refine your
writing abilities.

Translation – Hindi to English and English to Hindi: To bridge the language gap, we offer
translation exercises from Hindi to English and vice versa. This will improve your command
over both languages, making you proficient in bilingual communication.

Daily Motivational Book Reading: We understand the importance of motivation in personal
growth. As part of the course, you will engage in daily motivational book reading sessions.
This will help broaden your perspective, inspire you, and instill a positive mindset.
Daily Tasks on Personality Development: We believe that consistent practice is key to
developing a strong personality. To reinforce your learning, we assign daily tasks that focus
on different aspects of personality development. These tasks are designed to be practical
and achievable, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real-life scenarios.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your English language skills and enhance
your personality. Enroll now to secure your spot in our Spoken English & Personality
Development 45 Days Summer Classes. For further inquiries or enrollment, please contact
us at +91 70060 45832.

Note: Please be aware that our course has limited seats available, so prompt action is
advised to avoid disappointment

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