Sainik Schools offer a disciplined lifestyle, robust academic exposure, and guidance for a
career in the Armed Forces. For parents aspiring to see their children in the defence
services, admission to Sainik Schools is highly sought after. These schools not only provide
quality education but also foster officer-like qualities through daily activities. With a proven
track record of successful selections in the Armed Forces, Sainik School entrance exams
are a gateway to this prestigious education. In this blog, we will explore the mission,
admission process, subjects in the entrance exam, and the best coaching institute – Jammu
Defence Academy.

About Sainik Schools:
Sainik Schools aim to bring public school education to the masses and send a maximum
number of cadets to the National Defence Academy (NDA). Their vision is to provide quality
education to rural children, developing their body, mind, and character to become good
citizens and future feeders of the NDA.

Admission Process:
Administered by the Sainik Schools Society under the Ministry of Defence, admission to
Sainik Schools is based on an entrance exam conducted at the national level. The Board of
Governors, chaired by the Defence Minister, oversees the functioning of Sainik Schools.
These schools are affiliated with the CBSE Board and offer admissions for classes VI and IX.
Reservation criteria exist for local candidates, children of defence personnel, and specific

Subjects in Sainik School Entrance Exam:
For Class VI, the exam consists of Mathematics and Language Ability, along with an
Intelligence Test. Class IX candidates are assessed in Mathematics, Science, English, and
Social Science.

Jammu Defence Academy:
The Best Coaching for Sainik School Entrance Exam Preparation:
Jammu Defence Academy is a renowned coaching institute for Sainik School entrance exam
preparation. Here’s why you should consider choosing Jammu Defence Academy:
Systematic Lesson Plan: Jammu Defence Academy offers a well-devised lesson plan that
covers all subjects comprehensively, ensuring candidates are fully prepared for the
competitive exams.

Learning with Fun: Recognizing the young age and nature of candidates, Jammu Defence
Academy makes learning enjoyable by incorporating various activities to enhance
knowledge acquisition.

Weekly Tests: Regular assessments are conducted to gauge progress and identify areas for
improvement. This helps boost confidence and provides a clear understanding of individual
strengths and weaknesses.

Doubt Clearing Sessions: Jammu Defence Academy believes in nurturing students and
provides dedicated doubt clearing sessions to address queries, revise concepts, and
motivate them towards their goals.

Mock Interview Sessions: To prepare students for the interview phase, Jammu Defence
Academy conducts mock interview sessions, providing valuable experience, feedback, and

Online Study Material: Jammu Defence Academy provides online study material, including
practice questions, sample papers, and interactive resources, to enhance exam preparation.
Hostel and Library Facilities: The academy provides hostel and mess facilities within its
premises, ensuring a conducive environment for studying. A well-stocked library is also
available for students’ reference.

Experienced Faculty: Jammu Defence Academy has a team of experienced faculty
members who provide personalised attention and guidance to each student, helping them
achieve their full potential.

Jammu Defence Academy is the ideal coaching institute for Sainik School entrance exam
preparation. With its systematic approach, interactive learning, regular assessments,
comprehensive support, and experienced faculty, Jammu Defence Academy prepares
students to excel in the exams and secure their dream admission. Join Jammu Defence
Academy and embark on the path to success in Sainik School entrance exams.

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